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Class links

ASU Geomorphology
Textbook link: Tectonic Geomorphology, by Burbank and Anderson
Figures from Tectonic Geomorphology Textbook

Other relevant courses

Arrowsmith Geomorphology course
Arrowsmith Computers in Geology course
Arrowsmith Advanced Structural Geology course
New tools for quantitative geomorphology: Extraction and interpretation of stream profiles from digital topographic data (2007 Geological Society of America Short Course)

Other ASU links

ASU LiDAR research
Arrowsmith Research group

ArcGIS links

Duplex Video
Bolivia GIS
DEM Training GIS
Arrowsmith Computers in Geology course

Matlab resources

The Mathworks (producers of MATLAB)
Online Matlab documentation from the Mathworks--better than the command line help
Step-by-step in MATLAB for the basics by Hilley and Arrowsmith
Introduction to Matlab from Pollard and Fletcher
GLG410 Introduction to MATLAB
GLG410 Introduction to MATLAB exercises
3D graphics in MATLAB from GLG410
Surfaces exercises in MATLAB from GLG410
Programming in MATLAB from GLG410 (I)
Programming in MATLAB from GLG410 (II)


Last modified: August 17, 2019